Ward Air Systems Ltd, has experience in successfully completing partnering projects both with our UK customer base and acting as a UK installer for European contractors, where we have liaised direct with the client to develop and manage the UK installation on their behalf, hence reducing the clients on site management and prelim costs.

Client Benefits

  1. Client selects partner at concept stage
  2. Client has confidence in contractors Policies, Qualifications and Quality Control procedures.
  3. Client receives total support through 1st & 2nd stage trending.
  4. Early support means that specification/clients requirements can be interrogated and engineered savings taken advantage of.
  5. Client has control of program & budget (can be *open book with budgets or fixed price cost & savings as the project develops.
  6. Client has shared control of quality of equipment and materials installed, options given to suit budget.
  7. Regular open design team meetings to review cost tracking, help deliver the most cost effective solution for the budget available.
  8. Fast response to design development, reducing risk to both client and contractor.
  9. Project delivered to suit clients end vision and to a controlled budget.
  10. Health & Safety risks recognised, correct means of access equipment provided at most competitive cost to client i.e. equipment / resource coordinated between trades to ensure usage is maximised to save cost to client.
  11. Reduced risk to clients business, project tailored to clients business culture.

*Open Book – Agreed Overhead & Profit applied to project costs, invoices and timesheets issued to client monthly for agreement.