Quality Systems


Ward Air Systems Ltd, believe in total satisfaction for our customers and we have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality projects on time and to budget. This is achieved by gathering the needs of our clients and by constantly striving to realise their vision.

Ward Air Systems Ltd, have been Accredited to ISO9001 since 2002, which incorporates measurements and analysis to give continuous improvement of our product and monitor customer satisfaction.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Ward Air Systems Ltd. is committed to the management of health and safety in its offices and all other sites or premises where its work is undertaken.

This policy document forms part of the overall health and safety management system, the objective of which is to prevent risks to Health & Safety by satisfying the requirements of
- the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
- the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended)
- the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
- All other relevant legislation and codes of practice.

It is the objective of Ward Air Systems Ltd. to uphold their Health and Safety obligations by ensuring all employees and others are protected, so far as is reasonably practicable, from risks to health and safety arising from work activities.

To achieve this objective, management will adopt a safety management policy and strategy that includes the carrying out of risk assessments and the operation of procedures to ensure that only safe working practices are undertaken by its staff and subcontractors. The supporting Rules and Procedures and any other safety instructions, which support this Policy Statement provide arrangements for Health and Safety. These are supplemented by specific systems and training where required.

The person with corporate responsibility for health and safety is the Managing Director, who is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this Policy and that it continues to address current legislation. The policy will undergo an internal review on a regular basis to ensure it remains appropriate to the business of Ward Air Systems Ltd.

This policy is issued to all employees and Ward Air Systems Ltd. subcontractors who have a duty to read it carefully and to co-operate in its successful implementation, thereby ensuring their own and the safety of our Clients and of those others working around them. Compliance with this Policy is a condition of employment. Employees also have a duty to bring any Health and Safety problems and concerns to the attention of Management. Disregard of Ward Air Systems Ltd. Health and Safety Policy requirements will be regarded as gross misconduct. Revisions and changes to this Policy and its supporting documents will only be authorized and approved under control.

Environmental Policy Statement

It is the duty of the company's direct employees to be aware of the potential impact our working activities have on the environment and to ensure that the utmost care is taken to avoid environmental damage.

Whilst the overall responsibility for the above rests at management level, it will be expected that all individuals shall accept a degree of responsibility by ensuring a safe and healthy working environment whilst carrying out normal working practices, for example we will:-
- Comply with all statutory environmental regulations
- Make the most economical use of all materials, water and energy
- Control the amount of waste produced, its disposal and storage
- To monitor continually the impact of its undertakings on its neighbours and the environment.